Welcome to Bronzia Projects

Foundation of Bronzia Projects General Trading & Contracting Co (BOSCO)in the oil and gas sector started in 2005.Action Group’s aim was to spin off its petroleum and environment activities into an independent entity. The logic behind this step was to support its growth and progress in the oil industry. Thus, BOSCO was created in 2005 to become the Industrial arm of Ajal Group and has today become one of the most successful oilfield services providers in Kuwait.

General Contracting

We have a long list of contractors, with whom our engineers & architects enjoy to work on a majority of our projects!


We a project is not too complex, we may hire a designer-builder,
to make the longevity of the construction shorter..

Pre-Construction Services

We take our time on initial planning before any construction begins, to balance all the financial and efficiency issues beforehand…

Construction Services

Our customers love the pace/quality tempo that we show during
each of the principal construction processes!.

Construction Management

Professional construction project management is essential for recting the entire process to achieve ideal results.

Our Construction Company has a long experience of work within oil/gas fields and industries…View All